Events and Activities

Conferences at Schools

One of our main objectives is to reach out to  school age children  in all educational institutions and create awareness of the rights and proper treatment of animals as we feel it is extremely important to start at an early age.  


In order to achieve this we host conferences from pre-k to high school. Some local schools have educational programs from our association integrated in their curriculums and we further reinforce the learning process by following up on their progress. 


Walk with your Pet

One of our most popular and attended events is our anual walk, "Walk with your Pet"

On this day, all the attendants go out for a walk with their pets, enjoying a family day where the pet is part of the event. There are raffles, prizes, dog training techniques, animation, animal blessing, and many surprises and entertainment for all ages.


Come join us on this year's Anual Walk!

Cart Horses Project

One of our major projects focuses on educating and creating awareness amongst the owners of cart horses on the respect and proper treatment of their horse.


During our seminars, we teach on the proper use of the harness and horse equipment, as well as the proper food. We emphasize the importance of taking care of the horse, in order for the horse to perform better in the job as well. 

Spaying and Neutering Campaigns

The real solution to dog and cat overpopulation is education and spaying / neutering. 


Working for this cause, we carry out spay and neuter campaings in rural areas of extreme poverty. These surgeries are performed by highly qualified veterinary doctors, following all the guideliness and procedures as in a private clinic. 


Currently, Honduras does not have a spaying and neutering culture. However, we hope to gradually instill an ideal of responsibility towards overpopulation and disease prevention. 


Pet food Donations

We do periodic visits to poverty areas where there is a lot of stray dogs overpopulation and their owners do not have the economic means nor access to veterinary doctors.


During these visits, we provide pet food for dogs and cats, as well as do de-worming and anti-flee baths.


Places we have provided pet concentrate:

  • Aldea Banderas
  • Aldea La Unión
  • Bordo Bográn
  • Bordo Limonar
  • Bordo Panorama
  • Sector Jucutuma
  • Rivera Hernández
  • Sector La Primavera