Success Stories

Thanks to all the effort and hard work of PROANI members, as well as collaboration and donations of all the people that support us, we've had the honor of being able to offer a second chance to several adorable pets. Here we share about some of them.


"Because she spoke to me...she said..."Help me." I saw as her life escaped her from within her paws with each minute that passed by. I had to do something....if not...there would be no humanity nor compansion in me. Without it...what's our purpose on Earth?" - Linda's volunteer rescuer


Thanks to the compassion, empathy and sense of protection from individuals who care, once again PROANI was able to return a female anteater back to its habitat.  She was rescued in Colonia Juan Lindo.


The anteater made its arrival around midnight in the patio area of a private home the night of July 15, 2020.  Of course the dogs on the property were very agitated and began to bark immediately waking up their owners.  They in turn evaluated the situation and quickly proceded to calm the dogs down and keep them away to avoid any injury to the intruder. She was gently guided to a safe place to spend the night.


The next day the family called PROANI, who immediately went to the anteater’s rescue and proceeded to take her to the veterenarian for a thorough evaluation. She was kept under observation and later that day was released on a property by the name of Angeli Garden. This property is protected and they promote the protection of wildlife educating and creating awareness with pictures and signs their visitors can observe and read on their trails.



We thank the family involved in the rescue efforts, and subsequent release of this beautiful species, you made the difference!


Ojitos "Little eyes" was one of our first rescues. Maybe, it was him who chose us. One afternoon, Ojitos walked in front of the veterinary clinic that supports PROANI. His whole body was full of tumors, and he had tumors in both eyes, hindering his eye sight. The doctor saw him and asked his asistant to get the dog, but Ojitos went running away.


The next day, the dog showed up in front of the clinic once more. This time, they were able to catch him and examine him. He was severely malnourished and fearful, with an advanced case of tumors. The doctors decided to give him a second chance at life, keeping him at the clinic and performing chemotherapy. 


Thanks to volunteer donations for his treatment, he received 8 chemotherapy sessions and got rid of the tumors. He was able to regain his eye sight on his right eye, but had to have his left eye removed. Four months later he was fully recovered and is now a very noble and thankful dog. The doctors decided to adopt him, and he became the mascot of the clinic.  



A call is made to PROANI reporting the deplorable conditions of a dog under a public stairwell.  Members arrive to find a heart-wrenching scene of animal abuse.


The male dog, who was named Garage, had a sad countenance and fear towards humans.  He presented severe skin problems, bites and a deep wound in his front leg we assume was caused by shackles probably tied to it.


Thanks to the support from the veterinarians and people who donated for his recovery, Garage was able to be admitted to a private veterinary clinic where he stayed for two months until he made a complete recovery.


Garage was adopted and has a very happy life. 



A member of PROANI observed a female dog, who she named “Linda” wandering the streets.  She walked very slowly, almost with no strength left to hold herself up. You could see the malnutrition and scarce fur on her body, giving her almost a “ghost-like” appearance.   The rescuer was worried that she could get run over but the foster homes were full and had nowhere to send her.


She decided to take food every morning on her way to work and at least make sure she had a meal so desperately needed.

The thankful expression in Linda’s eyes at seeing the food deeply moved her protector, and a tear rolled down her cheek.


Linda, despite her suffering, trusted a helping hand and was finally able to be rescued and taken to the veterinarian for her first thorough examination.  Her diagnosis was severe mange, malnutrition and generalized infection.  She was treated with medications and made a full recovery.


She was adopted by a loving family who gave her second opportunity for a fulfilling, worthy life.




Thanks to people who are sensitive to the pain and suffering of animals they are able to be given a second chance at life. This is the case with Lucky.  He was walking the streets with a deep wound on the right cheek, visibly infected and torn.


His rescuer, moved by his appearance, decided to take him home and provide him with essential care and assistance.  She then contacts PROANI and Lucky is given veterinary care.   The wounds and infected tissue slowly healed until the skin regenerated completely.


Lucky, like the name he was given, was very fortunate to be adopted and no longer roams the streets



We received a call from someone who had 6 kittens who were18 days old.  They were looking for a  foster home where they could be cared for until they reached a month of age. 


I offered to take care of them (of course asking my parents if I could take them in) since in 12 days they would be going back home.  When the time came, the original owners never answered my calls again so I ended up with 6 little kittens I needed to find homes for.


In the weeks following, the kittens presented skin problems that needed veterinary care. All of them were adopted, and I ended up keeping one for myself.  His name is Keanu.  They were my first cats and learned a lot about felines and the care they require. 



Vito is a male squirrel who was found lying on the ground on October 10, 2020.


It seemed like he had fallen from his nest and I could see blood around his nose, which made me very worried, although the rest of his body though did not seem to present any injuries.


He was approximately 5 weeks old and had to be fed a special formula to make sure he would grow strong and healthy.  At around 9 to 10 weeks I started introducing solid foods and feed him fruits and vegetables.



Once he us able to defend himself and survive on his own the plans are to return him to his habit, but for now, because of his situation, he will continue under the care of PROANI.