Success Stories

Thanks to all the effort and hard work of PROANI members, as well as collaboration and donations of all the people that support us, we've had the honor of being able to offer a second chance to several adorable pets. Here we share about some of them.


"Because she spoke to me...she said..."Help me." I saw as her life escaped her from within her paws with each minute that passed by. I had to do something....if not...there would be no humanity nor compansion in me. Without it...what's our purpose on Earth?" - Linda's volunteer rescuer


Ojitos "Little eyes" was one of our first rescues. Maybe, it was him who chose us. One afternoon, Ojitos walked in front of the veterinary clinic that supports PROANI. His whole body was full of tumors, and he had tumors in both eyes, hindering his eye sight. The doctor saw him and asked his asistant to get the dog, but Ojitos went running away.


The next day, the dog showed up in front of the clinic once more. This time, they were able to catch him and examine him. He was severely malnourished and fearful, with an advanced case of tumors. The doctors decided to give him a second chance at life, keeping him at the clinic and performing chemotherapy. 


Thanks to volunteer donations for his treatment, he received 8 chemotherapy sessions and got rid of the tumors. He was able to regain his eye sight on his right eye, but had to have his left eye removed. Four months later he was fully recovered and is now a very noble and thankful dog. The doctors decided to adopt him, and he became the mascot of the clinic.  



We received an anonymous call from a woman reporting a dog that was very injured and suffering. She asked if we could help the poor animal that was in critical condition. Two PROANI members responded to the case and went to the location where the dog was. He was in an extreme condition, sad, malnourished, with skin problems, and a deep wound in his right front paw. His wound indicated that he had been tied with a tight shackle for so long that it cut into his skin. 


He was hiding under some stairs and as a result of his pain and fear towards humans, tried to bite. However, he was so weak that he didn't even have the strength to stand up. With the support of a Veterinary Clinic, we were able to pick him up. He remained in the clinic for two months until he was fully recovered and was permanently adopted. PROANI ,monitored his progress in the clinic, providing the food and medicine that he needed, and now he lives happily with his adopting family in Santa Bárbara.


A PROANI member saw Linda walking on the street. She walked slowly and with no strength; she was very malnourished and without any hair on her skin. She seemed like a walking ghost. Her rescuer worried that she could get run over by a car, but we could not rescue her at that time, since all of our foster homes were full. 


Since we couldn't rescue her at that time, the PROANI member took her food every morning on her way to work. Maybe this way at least she could get some food and ease her hunger. The first time she fed Linda, she was overwhelmed and began crying. The look on Linda's face was of such thankfulness. In spite of all that she had suffered, Linda still trusted a human hand. 


 When a foster home opened up, we rescued Linda from the streets and took her to the Veterinary Clinic. The doctors diagnosed that she was an older dog, with a sever case of mange, disnutrition and infection. She was treated and recovered successfully. Her foster home parents decided to adopt her permanently, and Linda now enjoys a second chance at life.  



We received a call from a person whose sensibility and care for animals made all the difference in this dog's life. She found him walking on the street very malnourished and sick. He also had a large open wound on his right cheek, which was severely infected. She asked around to see if he had an owner, but no one showed up. She placed some food and water for the dog, who drank and ate and then kept going. 


A week later, the dog showed up again, and he looked worse. She once more gave him food and water, but he only drank some water. She called PROANI and took him home, to take him to the veterinary doctor the next day. He was treated by the doctors and is currently in the recover process. His physical wounds are healing and slowly heals his emotional wounds in a loving home.